You + Me - Break The Cycle
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Too many missing pieces
that’s always been your reason to justify
how you feel inside
I wish you’d say…

"Tell me the words you long to hear
and I’ll sing them loud and clear.”

Staying Afloat

My hands grip onto the control bar and pull, the wind finally taking my kite. I jump and experience the power of the air, the air that gives me life. My board lands and through my legs, I can feel the buoyancy of the water as I dash into each incoming wave. At last, I carve into the ocean against the drag of my kite. My legs extend and push my board into the water. And in turn, I experience the water thrusting me heavenward and the air pulling me up simultaneously. It’s as if the ocean and the sky understand my desire. And that is to fly. To fly in a way you’ve never dared to.   

Suddenly, euphoria spills into my limbs by means of accelerating blood as I feel weightlessness for the first time. My lungs forget how to work as I succumb to the revelation of flight. The moment passes so quickly, but slowly enough to think about you. To think that this bliss might measure up to what I would’ve felt if you had the courage to carry out. And I know it wouldn’t be, because this sensation is just a temporary high. My apex reaches at least thirty feet before I rediscover the ability to breathe. So I yell as my arms pull on the bar to power the kite and stay afloat in the air as long as I can be. But my escape from the grasp of gravity ends to my dismay when my knees absorb the landing of my board onto the soft yet hard surface of the sea. And unexpectedly, I feel guilt. A guilt that I spent three thousand dollars on something that feels so good when I should’ve been spending it on you.   

But I let that notion flee and don’t give it another time of day, as I turn back towards the ocean horizon to do another pass. And I think to myself, this time I will pull harder… and hope to god that my kite takes me higher than thirty feet.  

If you love somebody, you’d go to great lengths to see him or her… It’s called commitment.
And then, it rained.

And as I watch
red light hemorrhage
from the horizon,
I can only feel
the heaviest of desires
to trade away
this oceanfront
and its prime sunrise
for a barren land
famous for its sunset…
But I’m here
where the sand
is just remnants
of undulating water,
getting finer and finer
with each tenacious surf…
it is not the sand
of the coarser grade
that I forlornly long
to experience
between my feet again,
silica grains
of timeless erosion…
because I’m here
where the humid wind
bears the essence
of ocean salt
and its sound
overwhelmingly drowned
by the roaring waves…
it is not the wind
perfumed with desert sage,
as it brazes my skin,
the howling of gales
persisting into
the late of night…
because I’m here
where the soaring hotels
line the seaboard
as if they’re ramparts
of a medieval city,
silent sentinels
defending ground
behind the beach…
they are not the structures
adorned with neon lights
that comprise a large
but small metropolis
in a tranquil vale  
encircled by
snow-painted peaks…
because I’m here
where here is without you,
and without you,
I cannot be…
without you,
this fucking place
is just another hell
beside the sea. 

And in an instant, all my hope succumbs to darkness.  All my glow and color overcome by these shadows as the heat of my soul withers away.  My fire flickers into the night, while the chill invites me into her arms.   And for a moment, I think maybe hers are better than yours…  Because I’m not scared to break a promise when you’ve by far broken yours.  Not scared to share my love.  Not scared to show my love.  Not scared to profess my love to the ones I fear the most.   So how in the world did you expect me to believe in the possibility that you are capable of helping me fight the things I fear the most… especially when I alluded to this despair and all you could think was what was wrong with yourself??  If I am blind, then what are you??   Because I’m not scared to admit when I’m wrong.  Not scared to believe in us living happily in Colorado many years from today.  Not scared to offer another chance because I’m afraid to be hurt again even when it’s promised that it’ll be the last. Not scared to take a step forward and let fate take me away.   A step forward into the icy water as it surges onto my feet.  I experience the chill shoot up my bones and it hits like a punch in my heart.  And I feel. I feel numbness. 

But suddenly warm lights diminish the darkness… as the siren calls me away from it.

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CHVRCHES - Recover

I love you.

I love you… more.


you sliced right through this concrete heart. I crumbled beneath your sweet, simple words, fumbled at your soft, soothing touch. you abruptly deconstructed the world as I knew it, kept my fragile heart safe through it. with you, I am fused - for every breath I breathe and every thought I think traces back to you. my heart is bruised -  for every breath I breathe and every thought I think is without you. you riddle my sleep, sing and dance and call to me from the seams of my dreams. but it stings to wake and feel sheets so cold, find a sense of loneliness so profoundly old. but, it warms me to know that even when you fade to grey, someday I will wake to find you’ve been with me all along, wrapped tight around my body, right where you belong.



I have an undying desire
                                        to rendezvous
                                                                 with you.
 to lie in simple silence and breathe you, your skin
                                                                                  deeply in.

it’s so hard, my love
 to imagine
                                                         your voice in my ear
                                                             (calling me little dove)
                                                                   your arms wound ‘round my sides
                                                                        (suppressing my soft, sad sighs)

                                                but I press on.

knowing, soon
                           I will find my way to you.
                                                                                                     knowing, soon,
                                        my world will dwindle down to two.

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Seven Lions ft. Fiora - Days to Come

I feel the shifting of you getting closer
My eyes wide open underneath the sun
Follow the feeling, but patiently waiting
I lose my feelings to oblivion

Cinematic Dalliance (6/17/2013)

fingers steal
into theater darkness,
advancing within
a denim haven,
as my tongue strains
from a vacuum kiss.
my tips discover
liquid lust beneath
while superman
battles upon
the silver screen
and your pleasant palm
grazes the crotch
of my blue jeans
with such intensity.
I crave nothing
but to deepen
the arch in your back
by pulling panties aside
before digits disappear
assertively inside,
but our first moment
of intimacy
cannot be here
even if they cannot
see us in the rear,
so against
my fervid appetite,
I put up a fight,
and furtively savor
the warm nectar
upon my fingers
for the sweet taste
of tonight.

She’s beautiful… 
and I’m hers.

She’s beautiful… 

and I’m hers.

Unfirst Impressions (6/16/2013)

The anger swells
in the middle of my gut
and I feel it brood,
a familiar ache
akin to a sharp burn
of peroxide on a recent cut.
And I let the rage
force surrender
upon my anticipation,
as my self control
easily succumbs
to a surge of frustration,
manipulating my words
into ammo discharged
with intent to hurt,
but suddenly,
a wave of regret
as my lover takes
the bullets into her chest.
so I sit and wonder why
I shoved my patience aside
and why the shitty excuse
I sadly produced
is that I was badly in need
to see the person
who I want most
because everything
is what I would do
for this rendezvous
to finally ensue,
but we delay
our long-awaited convention
in regard to a larger reward
of contentment.
so I yearn
for the shade of night
as my paramour
slinks into my car
under a sky of twilight,
but then we clash
with heavy thirsts
for salacious thrusts,
a fervid eagerness
taking over us,
a burn to compromise
and shake off sexual rust.
yet against all odds,
our restraint triumphs
as we hold our fire
for another pass of daylight
and eat together,
finally as one,
a large order…
of French fries.